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Win a free sketchbook~



number of pages: 112
printing :color
Since I’m going to reprint my sketchbook, I’m giving you a chance to win a free sketchbook.
To participate, just…

Gift for Lady-Woods.


I’ve become a tad bit obsessed with Amuse plushies over the past couple weeks and I wanted to host a giveaway for a couple of them so other people can have a chance to own them! 

Please do not delete the text!

There will only be one winner!


Prize Pack One:
One “standard size” (14cm) Pote Usa Loppy or one “standard size” or “large size” (16cm) Alpacasso of your choice from Tokyo Otaku Mode

Prize Pack Two:
One “big size” (40cm) Pote Usa Loppy or one “big size” or “jumbo size” (50cm) Alpacasso or both the prizes listed in prize pack one from Tokyo Otaku Mode


✿ You do not have to be following me! If the winner is not a follower, they can choose from prize pack one. If the winner is a follower, they can choose from prize pack two.

✿ Like and reblog for two entries total! You may reblog more than once, however, it does not grant more entries, it will just readjust your place in this post’s notes.

✿ No giveaway blogs are eligible to win. Reblogging from multiple accounts will result in disqualification.

✿ Entries will close and a winner will be drawn using on October 18, 2014.

✿ Must be 18 years or older or have parental or guardian permission to enter.

✿ I will ship directly from the Tokyo Otaku Mode site at my own expense. If the winner does not wish for their address to be disclosed with the site, the extra shipping fee (from my address to final destination) will be at the winner’s expense through Paypal.

✿ I am not responsible for the stock at Tokyo Otaku Mode at the time of the winner being drawn. If the winner does not find any plushies that they would like immediately, we will stay in contact until preferable ones are stocked.

✿ This giveaway is not affiliated with Tokyo Otaku Mode or Tumblr.

If you’re not already registered for Tokyo Otaku Mode, feel free to use my referral link to receive $5 off on any purchase. If you register your email with the site, you will also receive an additional $5 to use within 7 days of confirming it for a total of $10 off. With those discounts, you can purchase a small Alpacasso for the price of shipping or a small Pote Usa Loppy for less than $2 plus shipping.


OK, I haven’t had the motivation to make anything lately, and I don’t have work for a couple of weeks, so I’m doing a GIVEAWAY!!!! for a free commission of a monster doll. Anything you want, as long as any extra supplies I need don’t cost me more than $15. I already have a lot of fabric, so it’s probably cool! If you don’t have any preferences, I can design something on my own. 

The only thing is that international shipping for these can get really expensive depending on the country… so if you don’t live in the US I’m really sorry, but I can’t pay to ship it. 


  • If you’re under 18 make sure to have a guardian’s permission etc
  • Just one reblog and one like, please.
  • IDC where you reblog it
  • Giveaway will end on Sept 7, 2014
  • If you want to commission me after, the cost will be $100 plus materials plus shipping. 
  • Check my patterns out!
Adale for Lady-Oolong

Adale for Lady-Oolong